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    Not sure when i'll be on.

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    Not sure when i'll be on. Empty Not sure when i'll be on.

    Post by Youngcha on 29.09.11 15:22

    Some of you may know, but I doubt it because i don't remember saying anything. I recently moved in with my grandma (Woot?) which is much closer to college, cut my commute down from over two hours to about 15 minutes each way. I also bought a non crap computer. Well, I noticed the network (Which is fully wired) has spurts like now where I can't even download the patch, I've changed all the wires and I've gotten to the point where i'm just going to force verzion to come fix their shit. I'm not sure how long this is going to take so I don't know when i'll be on.

    In other news, i finally hit 120..and my midterms are over so I now have time to get back to my epic grinding ways. Hopefully I'll see you guys tomorrow if not it should be fixed relatively soon.

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