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    Guild Rules ***IMPORTANT*** Empty Guild Rules ***IMPORTANT***

    Post by Hantz on 23.07.11 14:44

    The following is a list of Revival guild's rules:

    1- Do not hack or exploit the game.
    -The possession and use of hacking tools will not be tolerated. The
    use of severe game breaking glitches (ex: spawn glitching)is not

    2- Do not harass or kill steal other players.
    -Harassing another player without justifiable reasons will not be
    allowed. Members may ks and request help to ks in the event they
    are being ksed. You are strongly encouraged to aid a fellow
    guildmember if they are being ksed.

    3- Do not fight or argue with other guildmates
    -Be adults. Heated arguments with each other will not solve
    anything. If there is an issue, allow myself or the leaders to
    solve the problem.

    4- Inform the guildmasters and/or jr masters of ALL issues
    -If you have an issue, do not hesitate to bring it up. Your issue
    cannot be fixed if you keep quiet about it.

    5- Do not spam
    -Again be adults. Spamming makes you look childish and idiotic.

    6- Do not beg for items, money, rank etc.
    -There is nothing wrong with asking for help, but be tactful about
    it or you will come off as a beggar which is never good.

    7- Avoid account sharing
    -This is for your own safety. I am not saying not to do it. I am
    asking you to be smart about who you account share with and how
    frequently. You assume all responsibility for trouble caused by
    others on your account.

    in short, resist the urge to act like 90% of Maplestory's population and you'll be fine,

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    Guild Rules ***IMPORTANT*** Guncop
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    Post by Mazz on 24.07.11 2:32

    Made it a global announcement. Now EVERYONE is forced to read it! Well, sort of.
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    Guild Rules ***IMPORTANT*** Empty Re: Guild Rules ***IMPORTANT***

    Post by Vee on 17.11.11 2:26

    Mazz wrote:Made it a global announcement. Now EVERYONE is forced to read it! Well, sort of.

    Uh-huh, true story. Even I read it and I don't play.

    Although, I do miss being a JR in Revival. *reminiscent tears*

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