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    Horntail Drops List

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    Horntail Drops List Empty Horntail Drops List

    Post by thetavi on 06.10.11 8:04

    This will just be a list of who needs the most important drops from Horntail, which are the card, horntail pendant, and egg. You can only egg pendants once now, so only one is necessary per person. Once everyone has theirs or if we have no looters, I'll start selling egged and hidden potential ones.

    As a note, you ought to potential your HTP first so it doesn't boom after being egged, because the eggs are in scarce supply. Meanwhile, multiple HTPs drop and most people have it already.

    Keep in mind you may not get what you need the first run, but I will try to work out drops as fairly as possible. Level will be the main deciding factor, but attendance count will also contribute.

    The names are listed in order of which you will loot, provided you are present on the run.

    Post your name and which of the following you need in a format as such:


    Nine Spirit Egg
    Horntail Card


    Horntail Pendant: Waggishboi
    Nine Spirit Egg: Dholis, Waggishboi, EINidoranM
    Horntail Card: EINidoranM

    Last update: 10/6/11, 8:45pm EST

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    Horntail Drops List Empty Re: Horntail Drops List

    Post by Abby on 06.10.11 11:26


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    Horntail Drops List Empty Re: Horntail Drops List

    Post by peewee on 07.10.11 10:43

    i need egg :) and i need to reloot ht pend

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    Horntail Drops List Empty Re: Horntail Drops List

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