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    Ventrilo Info Empty Ventrilo Info

    Post by Youngcha on 21.10.11 9:07

    I will be giving out my vent info, as well as how to use vent, bit by bit (Not all today, I will edit and bump for new updates.)

    The main reason people prefer vent over programs like Mumble, or skype is the customization allowed in it. The main reason people prefer vent, is for the fact it has a PTT mode for it's VoIP (Push-To-Talk) Which allows you to hold down a button (Mine is Caps Lock) to allow the VoIP stream when you wish to talk, this makes sure, I can't hear Hayley's dog fart.

    First of all, download vent here, i'm assuming you can actually tell what bit rate your OS is.

    Next, open the ventrilo program. |
    You will see three main taps with arrows point v and -> click the one going -> for name.

    Once the name tab is open, hit new, type in the name and hit okay and exit the tab. The other options in Name are irrelevant at this time, they just offer customization.

    Next, do the same for Servers selecting -> hit New and name the server what ever, it's irrelevant. Most name it either Cha's or Bart's vent. You can name it, the basket of old man testicles, and it will work.
    Note: All of the following is case sensitive.
    In the area of hostname/IP: type in
    In the area of Port: type in 4841
    In the area of Password; type in amber
    Default channel ect.. are irrelevant, hit connect, then double click the channel you wish to join. I will typically be in the channel named "Cha's Play Pen" it was "Cha's Rape basket" but it seemed immature, i'm a big boy now.

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