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    The Book of 148ism Empty The Book of 148ism

    Post by Patt on 26.10.11 9:11

    High Profit Avery:

    Don't you all realize that all of this fighting will tear us apart? We should be concentrating on solutions to our problems, not petty fights. This thread will hopefully make it so the world doesn't end in 2012. The world has gone so far downhill, that the only future i see for the planet Earth is either:

    A: Doomsday in 2012

    B: Converting everyone to 148ism!!!

    Now before you all post saying, "LOL MARKSMAN! 148ISM DOESNT EXIST!" You should know that it does. Just ask Avery148, Theif148, Potmule148, NLCMule148, Bishop148, Priest148, Mage148, or Bandit148, they're living proof.

    If you're still reading this, you're ready to convert to 148ism! But first...

    You're ready to learn about...

    The Historical Testament!

    Book 1: Foundations

    It was a dark and stormy night. I was a young 13 year old, who didn't know any better. I sat on my chair, and decided to make an account on Maple Story, since my friend recommended it to me as a good escape from school. I promptly started downloading it, and as i was doing so, i ate a lunch of canned soup, and tortilla chips. The chips were fresh and crispy, and the soup was... meh. Mediocre. As i was getting ready to call up the supermarket, and say that their soup tasted like cat food, I realized that maplestory was done being downloaded. I promptly started the installation, but as my stomach gurgled, i realized that i was still hungry from the mediocre soup, which my cats had finished eating for me. I then got a jar of mango-lime salsa, and dipped the crispy, fresh, warm, salty, mouthwatering chips into it. However, i overloaded the jar with too much salsa, so i had to run to the supermarket to get more chips. Once i got back from buying blue corn tortilla chips, i found out that the installation was complete, so i didn't have time to eat.

    I tried loading MS on my computer to see what it was about, but then realized i would have to make an account first. I was creating an account, when i realized that i should put numbers after my name, to make my account safer. I couldn't think of any particularly good numbers to put after my name, so i started snacking on my chips and salsa... and then it hit me! All i can say is, thank god for tortilla chips!

    As i have mentioned before, i purchased a bag of blue corn tortilla chips at my local supermarket. But as i was biting into the 148th chip... i looked at it. It was a yellow corn tortilla chip!. From that moment onwards, I knew that 148 was destined to be the greatest number in the mapling universe. God had chosen me to be the receiver of the yellow chip, so I vowed that one day, I would show the universe how 148 is better than all other numbers, even better than the popular but idiotic numbers 42, 1337, and 69! (SIDE NOTE: 148 is better than most of those those numbers, i'll let you choose which ones ;))

    Book 2: Revelations

    From that day forwards, I know I have been chosen to be God’s sole messenger for 148ism, and I must spread the faith. I know it’s a challenging and seldom-rewarding task, but I must do it. Since founding 148ism, it is rapidly growing in numbers, up over 800% from last year.

    Book 3: Genesis

    One day, as Avery hath been tanning himself on the beach (using 148 drops of tanning oil,) God had a sad and depressing story about the misuse of genesis:

    God created Genesis on the 17th day.
    On the 18th day, Genesis was used to train with strangers.
    On the 19th day, Genesis was used to train with friends.
    On the 20th day, Genesis was only used just to sell leech.

    God told Avery that the true meaning of Genesis wasn't to sell leech to strangers.

    Genesis was gifted to bishops from heavens above to train fellow 148ism followers, not sell leech. Thus, all 148ist bishops mustn't abuse their power by using their gift for selling leech, or ks a map, and should help their friends who aren't as fortunate as them train. God meant for Genesis to be used to train faster than other skills, for purposes of partying a friend to help them train, not helping a rich level 78 stranger level up.

    As for those bishops who use genesis to ks maps, THOU ART SINNERS AND MUST BECOME STONED!

    Book 4: God's Fever

    Many years ago, God hath roamed the Earth like mortal men. As he went about the clubs grinding, partying, and shaking his booty, he saw something jaw dropping.

    On the other side of the club, there was a woman, but not just any woman. She was a stripper. She had those applebottom jeans, and all of the above.

    She was the one.

    The one God wanted to love his whole eternal wife.
    The one God wanted in good times and bad
    The one that God wanted to throw a "party in his pants" with.

    God knew that he had to go and meet her, so he did the electric slide all the way across the club, and made her way towards her.

    They really were "meant for each other." God and the woman started off talking, then whispering, and then God took her back to his place. God was getting on his A game, using some expert pick up lines, and about to kiss her, when she said that she wasn't in the mood, she was sick, and had bacteria in her body.

    God knew that there must be a way to get this woman feeling better, so that way he could get in her pants. Thus, God gave her a fever, making her body temperature warmer, to extinguish the bacteria which were polluting her body.

    "What on Earth does this have to do with global warming," some people might ask?

    God created global warming (A fever to the Earth) in efforts to kill off the "Non 148ist followers which are polluting Earth's body."

    The solution to global warming isn't renewable energy, or carbon sequestration, PSSH! It's full blown conversion to 148ism.


    By now, you're definitely jumping out of your seat asking how you can convert to 148ism! Just read the next post to find out how you can become a member of the elite group.

    To be a 148ist, you must follow just one conditions. Post here saying “I abide by all of the 148 pillars, even though Avery has only made u- I MEAN… has had visions of 15 of them.

    Now You're ready to learn about the 148 pillars of 148ism

    1: There hath be 14.8 gods : Dillinger, Memouri, and 12 of their mules
    1.5: Alon is the extra .8 of a god (in bed)
    2: Avery hath be the sole messenger of those gods
    3: You musteth donate 148 mesos to every noob who asks (it adds up, beleive me)
    4: You musent not eat for 4-12 hours a day (depending on how much you sleep)
    5: At least once a month, you must make a pilgrimage to horntail, and die a terribly embarrassing death (Karen already has that down pat)
    6: You must sacrifice (delete a maplestory character) upon receiving level 148
    7: If you choose not to sacrifice a character, THOU SHALT BE STONED!!!
    8: And no... I dont mean that kind of stoned...
    9: Always train with marksmen when thy seest them, and thy drops will be fruitful and multiply.
    9: This is the real 9th pillar, the other 9th one was just advice! Marksmen
    10: In the 10th day, God told Avery that the word "Thief" was sinful, so all must spell it "theif"
    11: Bishops aren't to sell leech to complete strangers, and should try to help friends train.
    13: If thy thinkest when i say "MUST BE STONED," that thee am talking about drugs, THOU ART A SINNER
    14: If thou has 148 fame, thy become purged of all sin
    15. Once in every person's life, thy must take one pilgrimage to Disney Land in Florida
    16. Upon arriving at Disney, thou mustith eat 147 blue tortilla chips and 1 yellow tortilla chip every day.
    17. Failure to count to 147 blue chips resolves in you becoming STONED!
    18. Failure to count to 1 yellow chip resolves in you phailing at life!
    19. Dexless sins hath not be hathnt retarted
    20. Yes

    15-148: I will update this thread daily until i have all 148ism pillars done.

    SIDE NOTE: 148isms do not believe in any discrimination due to :
    Grammer (LOLME)
    Being transexual (LOLEAGLE, LOL75%OFWINDIAFEMALES)
    What “gen” you are in, or what server you are in. (LOLWINDIA)

    Windia's Current 148ism Follower List:

    Avery148 (Pope/Prophet)
    Theif148 (Late Pope)
    148GoneWild/GoneWild148 (.8 of a God)
    SemiFiction148 (SINNER!)
    Pat148/TorturedBeef148/Aesthetical148 (1st non-Avery beleive of 148ism)

    To be a 148ist, you must follow just one condition. Just post here saying “I abide by all of the 148 pillars, even though Avery has only made u- I MEAN… has had visions of 15 of them", and I’ll add you to the list.

    With that said, join up!

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    The Book of 148ism Empty Re: The Book of 148ism

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