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    Horntail Run 11/18

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    Horntail Run 11/18 Empty Horntail Run 11/18

    Post by thetavi on 12.11.11 14:10

    Let's try to get this going a bit earlier this time.


    Date & Time: Friday, November 18th, 5pm EST

    Channel: 9

    Squad list

    1. EINidoranM
    2. BIackPIagues
    3. Eoyzan
    4. Covertion
    5. CuteJade89
    6. x

    1. Sieola

    New rule: You must be level 160+ to join. I will take only one 160- from now on, because we don't have the dps otherwise.
    Please show up 15 minutes before the run with potions and all quests complete. Reboot your computer in advance if necessary. See you then!

      Current date/time is 22.05.19 6:00