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    Hi! I'm Mazz!

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    Hi! I'm Mazz!

    Post by Hayley on 25.07.11 1:14


    My name is Hayley. I am 23 years old and currently live in Fayetteville, NC with Hantz. I am a graduate of Western Carolina University with a degree in Recreation Management.
    I've been playing Maple since 2006. I started out in Windia then went to Yellonde for two months and won the T-shirt/Towel contest. I played Windia again until El Nido opened and started up there. I am the currently standing leader of Revival, although Hantz and I lead it together. I'm the good cop to his bad cop. F3

    I have four dogs. Two of which live with my mother. Their names are Jake, Sadie, Sable, and Felix. I also have a goldfish named Ham. My favorite food is cheesybread. I like Pokemon. Pretty much all of yall know me so there's really not much more to list. lol <3
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    Re: Hi! I'm Mazz!

    Post by Mazz on 25.07.11 1:18

    Hi Mazz! I'm Hayley.

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