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    Shielding Ward important info *READ BEFORE USING*

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    Shielding Ward important info *READ BEFORE USING*

    Post by Abby on 20.09.11 2:22

    So, currently, shielding wards are experiencing a bug that can allow an item to explode.
    Full information is at:

    However, the gist of the matter is that when using a ward, the ward will actually use the effect of whatever scroll is in the corresponding use slot.
    So, say this is your inven.:
    USE    | CASH
    x S x x | x W x x
    x x x x | x x x x

    Where S is a scroll with a chance of destroying the item, and W is the ward. They're both in the second spot in their respective inventories. When you use the ward, before the ward has been activated, the scroll will take effect. Since most people use Wards with things like 20s and 30s, this means you have an awfully high chance to destroy whatever you're trying to preserve. Also, this could end up using a scroll you might have intended for another item, so watch that, as well.
    A temporary fix for this is to make sure your ward slot corresponds to a potion slot in use. I'm not sure if this uses the potion, but at the least, you won't accidentally use a scroll or boom your item.

    Be careful when scrolling!
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    Re: Shielding Ward important info *READ BEFORE USING*

    Post by Youngcha on 20.09.11 2:57

    Thanks for this, I blew up 6% Luk pants the other night.. Thought I was just a dumb ass and forgot to activate my ward.

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