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    Post by thetavi on 11.09.11 11:45

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    Post by Youngcha on 11.09.11 13:27

    Sadly, I can't post any of the videos tagged of me on facebook for some reason. Though if you really want to just add Cha D'Arroyo.

    Anyway, I found a few things on photobucket, i'll post an explanation of each as I do.

    I typically talk about my close friends pretty often as well as how screwed philly is. Well, me and wayne were working for the local school district here fixing computers while I class was taking a lesson. I convinced him to jump on a desk while the class was silently reading in another section to do the Tauren dance, needlessly to say, he does it perfectly. God damn asians.
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    Next, it's pretty simple.. we went to a graduation ceremony for a class we were teaching.. we got bombed and started singing so happy together.
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    Probably the best prank I had ever had done to me.. I've said several times that I taught at a high school, well I go in one morning to teach my morning class, sit down at the computer and ask them to pull down the projection screen because i'll just read it off the info was quite useless, when the girl pulled it down... there was a perfectly drawn pedo bear. Apparently, Khanh who teaches the last class the day before decided to leave me a present. Normal day Pedobear

    This is pretty much what happens when you get tech guys free reign.. We were fixing computers at a high school during the summer and wheeling around are computer cart, which we use to haul 5-6 computers at a time when we came past a new student orientation which was just ending. We walk in and ask if we can have some, they said take as much as you want.. this was the end result... There was also another cart behind me loaded up
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    And this is the reason... they nerfed paladins. If you can't understand what's going on. It's a meter that tracks who did the most of what. On the same fight, I was the top DPS and HPS (Damage and Heals per second) I was also like 5th in Damage taken..
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