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Recent things, you should probably know about.

27.09.11 11:22 by Youngcha

There seems to be a lot of questions going on around Maple lately, so i'm just going to answer the ones I can now. You're more than welcome try to pry more info out of me.

Maplestory User names and passwords are in PTT (Plain text, no encoding) This is why you can see your Username on MTS, which isn't something they can really "patch" they need to change their scheme that many …

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KMST 1.2.409: Thief & Pirate Update Notes

25.11.11 0:21 by Mazz w/ pictures


1. Thief common skill changes
-Haste gives 20 speed as passive
- Was also added for Dual Blades' Self Haste
-Double Stab: Damage increased, animation renewed 165%
-Lucky seven: Damage increased 190%
-Nimble Body: Mastery level from 20 to 10. Effects of skill has been increased
-Keen Eyes: Deleted
-Disorder: Deleted

2. Night Lord skill changes
-Shuriken …

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19.11.11 1:38 by Vee

So, I never used to be able to go to horntail and stuffs 'cause my computer wasn't entirely compatible with MapleStory. Have there been any changes or upgrades to that effect? I have Vista, and was hoping they at least made that much of a change.

Guild Name List

10.08.11 10:01 by Hantz

**Guild and Alliance Roster**

  1. Hantz: Mechedeus, BlackPlagues, Godhatesdws
    Hayley: Proxian, Sybal, WymsicaI, Wymsical

    Luis: oRuisu, DorkieBowtie, GropeJelly, Setfres
    Abby: Dholis, Liliosa, Zouriy
    Ben: Ustque, Yvese, Enaly
    Mike (Mazz): Tenpesuto, Subception, SingIe, extrovertigo, Symbolise
    Taylor: Ranoes
    Patt: Tanouki, Supertanouki, Phonophobia DrTanouki
    Erin: BerryAcai, BerryExcited,

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The Book of 148ism

26.10.11 9:11 by Patt

High Profit Avery:

Don't you all realize that all of this fighting will tear us apart? We should be concentrating on solutions to our problems, not petty fights. This thread will hopefully make it so the world doesn't end in 2012. The world has gone so far downhill, that the only future i see for the planet Earth is either:

A: Doomsday in 2012

B: Converting everyone to 148ism!!!

Now before …

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Same scroll, different effect

22.10.11 7:14 by thetavi

Read their descriptions. This made me wtf:

Revival - Portal Type111

Revival - Portal Type210

Best NX run ever..

09.09.11 2:18 by Youngcha

So, I realized after buying tokens (Used to get on my trains to and from campus) I had a few bucks left over, and a lot of change since I eat dinner around campus when i'm there. I decided to pool all my savings together and have $10.25 so, I grabbed a sandwich bag and headed to Rite aide, mind you this is heavily embarrassing for me. I had six bucks in wrinkled, washed 1's, and then tons of …

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Been a while!

17.10.11 13:49 by RainbowAsh

I bet many changes have happened(Hopefully for the better!), but after some unpredicted time lossage, I kinda disappeared off Maple for a while.

Well, seeing as some time freed up I hope to be back.:) I still need to hit level 120 on my poor Priest(RainbowBless).

Currently downloading the HUGE HUGE patch right now. And I'm not looking forward to logging in naked of NX, heh.:D

If you guys have …

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Don't buy chairs for a few days

21.10.11 8:24 by Youngcha

There's currently a glitch due to the new chair gacha, the chairs that are timed are able to hide the time limit, it's done by either trading or putting it in a store and taking it down. No one really knows if the timer will expire, but i'm assuming it will be fixed to reshow in a few days.

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